Record immigration and emigration in 2017

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Record immigration and emigration in 2017
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More immigrants leaving within two years

After the turn of the century, the share of short-term immigrants started to rise, partly due to increasing numbers of labour and education immigrants. Of all non-western immigrants who arrived in the Netherlands in 2000, 10 percent had left again within two years’ time. A significant part of the influx in those days were family members of immigrants from Turkey and Morocco, who generally stay for a much longer period of time. Twelve years onwards, the share of short-stay non-western immigrants had risen to nearly 30 percent. After 2012, the share of non-western immigrants who stayed less than two years saw a slight decline again.

Among western immigrants as well, the share of short-term residents increased sharply. Since the enlargement process of the EU began in 2004, the share of short-term immigrants from the EU (staying less than two years) has continued to rise: from 26 to 41 percent. Of non-EU western immigrants who arrived in 2014, those who had left within two years’ time occupied a share of slightly under 40 percent.

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