GoodWe steps up its battery game with new additions to its Lynx Home Series

GoodWe steps up its battery game with new additions to its Lynx Home Series


On this occasion, two different kinds of battery will be launched; the high-voltage Lynx Home S Series and the low-voltage Lynx Home U Series. The items add to the growing list of PV accessories offered by GoodWe following its IPO in September. In the last years, GoodWe, already the market leader in storage inverters, has ventured into the battery sector and smart energy applications and expanded its product line to include lithium batteries. This now makes GoodWe a true one-stop solution provider for energy storage.

Both models of GoodWe Lynx Home Series feature Remote Diagnosis & Upgrade, supporting remote software upgrading of all modules simultaneously. Equipped with IP65 protection level, they allow a more flexible and easier installation. GoodWe Lynx Home Series automatically reboots when the battery enters self-protection mode due to under-voltage. The battery also comes with Module Auto Recognition.

Lynx Home U Series can identify parallel modules automatically, so no dial setting is required. Also, worth highlighting is the 1hr ultra rapid charge rate of the high-voltage battery Lynx Home S Series.

Since its stock listing in September, the company has announced large investments in new production facilities, R&D centres and Energy Management Applications. The recent entry into the battery segment now makes GoodWe a feared competitor in the solar storage industry, as well as bigger energy projects, with its arsenal of products that now rivals the industry’s biggest names from residential to utility.

Lynx Home U series LV – April 2021– Global (US & Japan excluded)
Lynx Home S Series HV – April 2021– Global (US, Japan & Australia excluded)



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