PBS’ ‘Marcos Doesn’t Live Here Anymore’ depicts toll of deportation

PBS' 'Marcos Doesn't Live Here Anymore' depicts toll of deportation


By Raul A. Reyes

A woman approaches a statue of the Virgin Mary outside an Ohio church and kneels to pray. “Here we are again,” she says aloud, in a tone that is at once respectful and weary.

“Oh Mary, I don’t know how much more of this I can take. Please, please, please.”

She recites a few prayers before imploring once more: “I can’t take it anymore.”

The woman is praying for her family to be together — a private moment captured in a new documentary, “Marcos Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.”

It tells the story of Elizabeth Perez, a decorated U.S. Marine veteran, struggling to reunite with her husband, Marcos Perez, after his deportation to Mexico.

The film follows the couple and their four children as they navigate an immigration system that offers them little hope of being together again. A portrait of a marriage as well as the human costs of deportation, it airs April 15 on PBS’ Frontline.


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