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Hi All,

I have lived in Australiaon on two passports from same country, having new passport (from the same country) as old one has been expired.

Here is my scenario, I came to Australia in 2013 for one (1) year on work visa (457) on my old passport. After that, I have applied for PR (being outside Australia) and got my PR on Sept 11, 2017 (on new passport) and made my first entry (on PR) on Dec 09, 2017. After that I made 2 trips to overseas.

Here is my travel history.
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Description Date Passport/Visa
ARR Date (1st) 17/03/2013 Old (457 Visa)
DEP Date 28/02/2014 Old (457 Visa)
ARR Date 9/12/2017 New (PR)
DEP Date 9/03/2018 New (PR)
ARR Date 17/03/2018 New (PR)
DEP Date 16/06/2018 New (PR)
ARR Date 1/07/2018 New (PR)
Apply Date 29/12/2020 New (PR)

I have feed all the details on Resident Calculator (Attached screenshot) and as per the tool, I’m eligible to apply for Aus Citizenship after 29/12/2020. But when I apply on immiaccount, I am getting following error on page 6 of 34

An error has occurred
The applicant is unable to proceed with this application. Access the Residence calculator to check when the applicant will have been in Australia long enough to be eligible for Australian citizenship.

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Any thoughts, feedback, advise would be much appriciated.

Thanks a lot in advance.


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