Chemist Warehouse has released a 2019 list of must-buy items in Australia Many EAORON skin care products were on the list – Press Release


What are the best-selling products in Australia in z2019 that are favored by local consumers and global tourists? A few days ago, Chemist Warehouse, the leading brand of Australian pharmacy, has released its 2019 must-buy items list based on the annual consumption data of its stores. Among them, many products of EAORON, which is the number one Australian skin care brand and is known as the Australian medical beauty geek, are on the list, including Australia’s king of out-of-stock Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Essence, Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Face Mask, Manuka Honey Mask and other traditional hot-sell products as well as a number of new hot-sell items such as Glycation Reverse Capsules and Exfoliating Cream. These products have become the brand with the highest sales of skin care products in Australian pharmacy for 3 consecutive years. 

It is reported that the “Australia must-buy items list” is one of the most influential business lists in Australia. The list is based on the annual sales data of CW pharmacy, Australia’s largest pharmacy chain company, and is released once a year. It is an important reference for the salability, reputation and influence of Australian skin care, health care, health and other drug industry brands.

A few days ago, the CW Pharmacy’s “2019 Australia’s Must-Buy items List” has been released, which attracted the attention of domestic and foreign industry professionals. The reporter learned that among the skin care brands in the latest list, Australia’s first-line skin care brand EAORON has become the most popular skin care brand attracting highest attention on the list.

First of all, in the skin care products best-selling list, EAORON smear-type acupuncture needles takes the first place with absolute sales advantages, becoming the single product that has won the sales championship for 3 consecutive years. The reporter learned that the Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Essence is the world’s first single product of EAORON, and this product avoid the pain point of the medical beauty water needle that requires injection and has hidden safety hazards. Relying on the world-first instant suction technology, this product can achieve its effects that can be comparable to the medical beauty of the water injection needle only by external application. This product has become the most popular hydrating product for local Australian women, and a must-bring hand gift for Australian tourists when they return home.

In addition, EAORON’s Hyaluronic Acid Collagen Face Mask and Manuka Honey Mask are also among the top 5 skin care products on the list. Among them, EAORON Water light needle white mask uses the world’s thinnest and most skin-friendly redwood fiber mask cloth, which is thin and almost completely transparent. With the essence of small molecule hyaluronic acid and various pure plant extracts from Australia, the absorbance can be increased several times, and the skin can be intensively hydrated to achieve the remarkable effect of repairing and tightening, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging; EAORON Manuka Honey Mask uses Australia’s unique and rare “liquid gold” manuka honey ingredients. The three active ingredients of manuka honey, bee venom and propolis are agglomerated together in the form of unique nanoscale small molecules by using the cutting-edge “black technology” technology, which has a strong antioxidant capacity and can reach the bottom of the muscle in 1 second, realizing the strongest skin repair power of “three bees in one”.

In this list, compared to the list in 2018, some new products have also been successfully selected. Among them, EAORON’s Glycation Reverse Capsules and Exfoliating Cream are ranked 6th and 8th in the Australian skin care must-buy items list.

“For most brands, after a new product is put on the shelf, it will have to go through a period of” familiarity with consumers “and then to the” acceptance period” to achieve explosive growth in sales, however, EAORON’s two new products were almost sold like hot cakes immediately after being put in market. Behind this “abnormal” is actually due to EAORON’s amazing brand appeal. “Max, director of selected products of CW Pharmacy’s Melbourne headquarters, told reporters that the biggest difference between EAORON and other skin care brands is its research and development capabilities of “medical beauty Geek”. Every year, EAORON can launch several hot-sell products that incorporate a lot of black technologies.

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