Ways that investors can immigrate to the USA

Ways that investors can immigrate to the USA


The United States of America (USA) is a fully developed country with a lot of business opportunities. As a world superpower, it has one of the strongest economies, favorable political conditions, and a thriving tourism industry.

If you have been here before on a vacation, you probably have fallen in love with white sand beaches, well-preserved national parks, fully developed cities, and many additional tourism attractions. This is another reason why foreign investors want to start a business in the USA or invest their money in this country.

Well, if this is of interest to you, there are many investor programs through which you can immigrate to the USA. Read on and decide which one suits you best.

E-2 Work Visa
The majority of the immigrants to the USA say that this is a faster way to get into this country. You apply to be an employee of your own company. Hence, many investors under the EB-5 direct investment visa usually combine it with this one. The green card requirement is subject to your type of business. It will vary from $100,000 USD upwards.

However, you will need to check if your country has a treaty with America to qualify. After this, you can have your spouse and family members come to the US and seek employment as well.

EB-5 Direct Investment
This type of green card is given to the investor and the family members after investing an amount not less than 1 million US dollars. Also, it requires your involvement in the business, where you should employ 10 people or more.

The good thing is that the USA has numerous business opportunities especially if you start one in Silicon Valley in California. You can venture into technology, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and a lot more. According to One Visa advice, you might need the E-2 work visa as well.

EB-5 Regional Center Investment
This green card requirement is a bit lower than the direct investment one. You will only need half a million US dollars for this. The good thing is that you will not be involved directly in the regional center you are sponsoring. All the centers are government approved and highly managed to ensure ROI for the investors.

However, the project that you are funding is required to employ at least 10 people, but this should not worry you since the regional centers make all the arrangements.

Inter-Corporate Transferee
This is a case where one rarely decides to relocate to America. If you are lucky enough to work for a company that opens an affiliate branch in the US and they decide to transfer you here, then you can work in the US using this method.

You are required to be moving within the same job role and to have worked in the company for a minimum of one year before you can be transferred here.

Although there are other ways through which you can immigrate to the USA, the above are the best and simplest ways to get a green card for you and your immediate family. Ensure that you read more to learn all the requirements.


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