Vazir Group offers solutions for all your immigration and second citizenship needs


Vazir Group currently has 11 active programmes for Canada
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Vazir Group specialises in assisting individual and family migration. With 11 current active programmes for Canada, divided in immigration by skills and immigration by investment, the company is recognised as the region’s leading immigration advisors for Canada.

Immigration by skills is a process where you can immigrate based on your education level, wealth, connection with the country, language fluency, existing job offer, or others. “At Vazir Group, we offer various programmes based especially on your work skills and experience. We offer the perfect solutions for nurses, truck drivers, and food industry and IT professionals,” says Vrinda Gupta, Brand Custodian, Vazir Group.

Just launched in 2021, Vazir’s Group Boosting Points Programme fits the needs of all candidates applying for the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points but missing some points to be elected. This programme is for all candidates, who have received a minimum of 428+ points in the CRS score, have at least a bachelor’s degree and the IELTS certification with a score of 7 or more.

“When it comes to immigration by investment, we offer two different programmes for Canada: Entrepreneur PR and Owner Operator programme. Both are for the main applicant and their family and represent the prefect solution for immigrating anywhere in Canada with a secured business.”

“No matter what programme you choose, Canada is known for its high standard of living combined with the quality of life, great educational and health systems, unemployment insurance, pension plans, child care benefits, no tax on global income, the right to reside, and the possibility for a Canadian passport. These are all excellent benefits for you and your family,” says Gupta.

“Our team of experts is backed by years of experience that give you the most current and essential information you need to make an informed decision about the immigration process. We aim to provide a promising future to our clients in their desired location of immigration,” adds Gupta.

If Canada is not your chosen country, Vazir Group also offers citizenship and residency for the Caribbean, Greece, Portugal, Malta and Turkey.

There has never been a better time to act than now with Vazir Group.


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