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BRISBANE, Australia, Nov. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The new book, “Beat PTSD – How A Combat Soldier Conquered Chronic PTSD To Live A Life That Truly Matters and How You Can Too”, written by veteran author, Kevin Lloyd-Thomas, is the world’s first and only “How to/Self-help book, specifically written for serving men and women, veterans and their families. It truly has a global audience and serves as a beacon of light in the wilderness.

“Raw, Riveting and Real.”
-Tim Thomas,  Special Forces Medic in Afghanistan.

This is a “must have” book for those torn apart by PTSD, fearful of asking for help because of stigma, knowing their career is under direct threat, and for the men and women still serving.

This book is unique. It is not a book about war stories. It’s a book about Kevin, his life as a young boy, how he has been shaped by a complex and dark family past, full of troubled memories of violence and abuse, joining the Australian Army to get away from it.

It’s about “Parachute thinking.” “Your mind is like a parachute – It only works when it’s open.”

Kevin’s book is about a journey of discovery. It’s about the research and investigation that led him to write it. It’s about surviving and thriving in peace time after returning from a war zone,” says Kevin.

Beat PTSD is ‘paying it forward’ to our national and international military and veteran communities. It’s my sole purpose and passion in life,” says Kevin. It’s giving back, so others don’t have to endure the same path to self-destruction, suicide and family breakup.

Having walked away from suicide, grabbing precious life with both hands and climbing out of a black abyss, Kevin developed and implemented specific plans and strategies to turn his life around.

“Kevin has lived through this disease and has provided real and tangible answers. He has provided a roadmap back to wellness and self worth. His five step plan and seven pillars of wisdom provide the firm base to return life to balance and success. I commend this book to anyone touched by the cruel and insidious effects of PTSD and thank Kevin for having the guts to tell his story.”

Rod West, RAE Brigadier (Retired)

‘Beat PTSD’ addresses the key issues of veterans families breaking up due to PTSD, related domestic violence, and the distressing effects on children.

What stigma is attached to asking for help?
What about career threat?
Being pushed into medical discharge?

These are just some of the tough questions addressed in Kevin’s book.

About Kevin

Kevin is based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. He is a keen sailor, former surfer and scuba diver, writer, published author, researcher, and keynote speaker.

For more information, please email [email protected] or visit www.BeatPTSDnow.com.

SOURCE Kevin Lloyd-Thomas

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