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UK weather forecast: Grey skies and rain make MISERABLE and GLOOMY day for Britain


Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern said: “Wednesday morning’s forecast is looking grey, but blue skies for many.

“There will be showers around predominately the Northern Isles, the Western Isles and Northwest Maine, but one or two just drifting by the central belt.

“As we begin Wednesday, you could see the odd shower in Northern Ireland as well.”

He added some parts of the UK will see some sunshine.

Mr McGivern said: “Effectively for Wales, Northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland a lot of sunshine.”

Despite the bright skies in some areas, not all regions will be as fortunate.

He said: “However, we’ve seen a weather front become stuck overnight across central parts of England.

“And this weather front will stay through the day.

“A grey start from East Anglia will wash into central parts of England and down towards the southwest.

Despite these light showers, people are expected to experience sunshine.

Mr McGiven explained there will be “rain popping up at times.”

He said: “Mostly it’s light rain and drizzle.

“But some moderate bursts at times and you can see it doesn’t move much”

According to the meteorologist, the temperatures under that weather front will see double figures.

He said: “Temperature under that weather front, 13 or 14 degrees where we have sunny spells either side of it.”

In the north, the weather is expected to be less windy with “things settling down widely through Wednesday night.”

In the south, there is a “dying weather front” that will be “keeping things relatively mild” with some “dampness” to begin Thursday morning.


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