PPC Leader Maxime Bernier defends immigration polices at pre-campaign event in London – London

PPC Leader Maxime Bernier defends immigration polices at pre-campaign event in London - London


Leader of the newly-formed Peoples Party of Canada, Maxime Bernier, visited London Tuesday to attend a campaign office launch.

Bernier joined local London North Centre candidate Salim Mansur at the campaign-style event to talk about the party’s policies.

“For me, I am looking at the campaign right now, and I think the most important subjects will be immigration and taxation,” said Bernier.

“That’s two very important subjects and we have solutions for that.”

Federal election campaign will begin on Wednesday

One woman interrupted the event, calling Bernier a climate criminal and a racist for his policies on immigration.

In response, Bernier said, “we cannot be racist when we are Canadian.”


The PPC is calling for a maximum of 150,00 immigrants per year, with 50 per cent being “economic immigrants,” meaning people who wish to become residents of Canada based on their skills.

Bernier said a lot of their candidates are new to politics but said that’s okay, adding it’s great to have candidates in every riding.

He also addressed the possibility the Leaders’ Debates Commission might not allow him to participate in the national debate.

“I am speaking about free speech; I can’t see why the commissioner would not allow me at the debates,” he said.


He added the PPC’s participation is important because the parties’ policies differ so much from the others, like with the privatization of Canada Post, the CBC, and cutting foreign aid.

Bill Kelly: Let all the federal leaders debate

Bernier said a final decision on the parties’ participation is set to come on Monday.

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh is holding a Health Care Townhall event with the three London NDP candidates tonight at the Goodwill Centre at 255 Horton Street East starting at 6 pm.

NDP London West Candidate, Shawna Lewkowitz, told 980 CFPL Singh will talk about investing in the services people need.

“He will be talking about everything about health care, starting with pharmacare expanding to dental, eye care, hearing care, and mental health care services,” she said.

This election, Canadians will see a campaign lasting five and a half weeks — a far cry from the last federal election in 2015, which ran for a record 78 days.

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