That kind of money

Your editorial writer recently celebrated the 4.1 percent acceleration of the economy in the second quarter, and said of an economist who suggested it would not go on forever, “How’d you like him to plan your party?”

Yesterday, after the tax cut, the United States spent more than $2 billion more than it took in. Today, the United States spent more than $2 billion more than it took in. Tomorrow, the United States will spend more than $2 billion more than it will take in.

As the late Dale Bumpers reportedly said, “Give me that kind of money, and I could throw a pretty good party myself!”


Little Rock

Let’s reason together

In an opinion letter titled “Bar Putin from entry,” the author was demanding that Congress “should prevent further embarrassments from occurring on our soil.” The need for congressional action was explained as follows: “If President Trump wants to grovel before Putin he should do it somewhere else, not in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.”

Well, OK. USA, USA, USA! So what do you think, should Congress bar Putin?

But wait, there’s more. Prior to this patriot’s demand for congressional action to prevent our president from, again, groveling before the despicable leader of an of evil empire, the letter’s author clearly states, “I voted for President Trump, and likely will again.” Say what? No, wait, I thought … Confused?

Back in May, this paper published a picture of 14 homemade pipe bombs which had been found in a Pulaski County neighborhood. According to the news article, the bombs had been built “eight to 10 years ago amid fears that the U.S. would descend into martial law under President Obama.” A person with knowledge of the bombs stated, “I blame the government. That’s who I blame. They come on TV with Obama’s going to do martial law and Obama’s helping ISIS’ and all this bulls**t. What’s people to think? That was nationwide forever.” Yes, it was nationwide, everywhere, all the time, for citizens of Fox World. But the other 65 or so percent of us got additional information.

We live in a complex world, with our differences and our dislikes, but we try to live together. And what are people to think? How about for themselves? But then, that leads back to the thoughtful but outraged Trump supporter, who demands Congress protect him from himself. My experiences have taught me how hard it is to reason someone away from a position or belief that they were not reasoned into. Please, turn off Fox. At least then we would be able to talk like we live in the same world.



About the border wall

President Trump said that there would be a border wall built between the U.S. and Mexico and that Mexico would pay for the construction costs. Some Americans were brainwashed enough to actually believe this total and absolute idiocy.

President Trump has threatened to shut down the government if there is no funding for a border wall. Why should the U.S. pay for a border wall when Trump said in no uncertain words that Mexico would pay for it? I am not against immigrants from Mexico or any other country. People who want to immigrate to the U.S. should do it legally.

P.S. I hope Americans will know that it is never a good thing to shut down the government.



Must do homework

It’s time to wake up and ask yourself why we are one of the poorest states when some of the most successful companies in the United States have their headquarters here. Are they paying their workers a living wage? Do they support our public schools? Do they support our medical school?

We have one of the highest rates of people in prison and it is predicted that number will continue to grow. We have one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy. Our students continue to score below the national average. Our juvenile system has had problems for years. On the state evaluation we had several schools failing. We have an unranked (UAMS) medical school that our very lives may depend on. Funding has been cut and people have been laid off.

Now, what do we have? For starters, we have some of the friendliest people in the country. We have some of the most beautiful places for people to visit. We have great places for people to fish, to relax and so many more things that would make people want to visit and perhaps live in Arkansas.

What can we do? We can do our homework. We can check the record of every legislator. How did they vote on important issues? Did they vote to give money to questionable causes? Did they introduce bills that took money away from public schools? Did they support UAMS? Did they support higher teacher salaries? If they came out strong against abortion, did they also support an adequate sex education program?

Do you support Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s plan to give a $180 million tax cut to upper-income people? Have you taken a long look at every person who is currently in office or who is seeking an office in Arkansas?

Do your homework. We are a great state with wonderful possibilities. Elect people who will make us the best we can be.



All the lurid details

Please excuse my awkward state of discomfiture. You see, I suffer bodashusly from an incurable case of PPP (Possum Poot Potentiality).

I reckon that the Democrats have made it plain that right after the midterms, they not only plan to impeach Trump, but to also string him up from the nearest tree. The part about the hike rhymes, I get, e.g., “Over hill, over dale, we will hit the dusty trail.” It’s the dadburn part about the mysterious Miss D. Meenerz that’s got me all bumfuzzled. Can someone tell me if she’s an ex-Playboy playmate, or an indefatigable, mouth-waterin’ porn star?

Bein’ a genuine pot-wallowper, I’d also like to know the salacious and lurid details (drool, drool), or how much she was paid to keep her hot lips shut. Can somebody get Mr. Cohen out from under the bus?



Editorial on 08/06/2018


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