Merit based immigration is very important: US President Donald Trump

Merit based immigration is very important: US President Donald Trump


On May 17, US President Donald Trump remarked about the immigration system based on merit that can help hundreds and thousands of foreigners as well as professionals of Indian origin and those who are skilled can attain Green Cards or legal permanent residence. The decision made by Trump increased the immigration reforms of quota of skilled workers from 12 percent to 57 percent.

As per the plan proposed, immigrants are required to learn English as well as pass civics exam ahead of the admissions. The congressional node may soon be ignored after the bitter political pathway that has divided the Democrats, who are in majority in the House of Representatives, and the ones who control the Senate, the Republicans.

While making the announcement in Rose Garden, Trump admitted the difficulties ahead when his plan plan will be executed and later made a law. Ahead of elections next year, trump said the Republicans should be back to power and regain their majority in the Senate so that he can re-elect himself in the White House.

54 years ago, America’s last immigration was revamped that has now ruined the present legal system of immigration and thereby to attract all talent and capable young minds, Trump proposed the idea of merit based immigration where permanent residency will be allotted to those who have passed the civic sense exam and over the points on age, knowledge, opportunities in job.

According to trump, opportunities for doctors, researcher, and students seem negligible if current system is to be followed. Trump added that even big companies are shifting to other countries and US is helpless as due to immigration rules the can’t retain the highly skilled professionals.

With the changes that Trump had thought of, will benefit hundreds and thousands of Indians seeking over H-1B visa.

At present, 66 per cent of the Green Cards are given to people with family. Other students who do not have relative in United States are sent back to home. Trump observed only 12 per cent of immigrants are selected based on skill in countries like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand etc and the number is now closer to 75 per cent in some cases.

Trump remarked his proposal to be “pro-American, pro-immigrant, and pro-worker.”

Trump also explained that when his proposed change will be implemented, illegal immigration will be at halt and fully secured border will be seen. The new changes will also help in protecting the American wages, help in promotions of America values and will attract the best from all the corners of the world.


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