Mangaluru: CANCAREER – Pathway to emigrate to Canada

Mangaluru: CANCAREER - Pathway to emigrate to Canada


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Mangaluru, Oct 23: CANCAREER is an immigration consultancy from Mangaluru, affiliated with authorized Licensed Immigration Consultant (IRCC) and immigration lawyers, based in Alberta and Toronto respectively. This company is operated by Jacintha Miranda (from Ann Arbor, USA) and Jeevan Lobo from Mangaluru.

CANCAREER is specialized in immigration services like work permit & LMIA, student consultation services, permanent residency for various programmes, professional licensing programmes, visit visas, internship programmes in US & China, student onsite visits abroad etc. CANCAREER has tied up with over 1600 colleges and universities in Canada and USA, over 138 universities and colleges in Russia and China, providing student consultation for free for more than 16,000 courses. CANCAREER’s aim is to provide honest service and help as many as possible to settle abroad for better life.

Jacintha Miranda, founder & recruitment director of CANCAREER

Operation director of CANCAREER Mangaluru

CANCAREER is also providing opportunities for people to go to Canada to work through LMIA-Work Permit opportunities. “We have opportunities under various skills in Hospitality, Construction, Healthcare and Transport. We always look for candidates with various skills on on-going requirements we get from employers,” says Jacintha Miranda, the director of CANCAREER who heads recruitment and operations from Ann Arbor, USA. “We need the candidates with minimum 3 years of experience under following skills with or without IELTS. If we have candidates with IELTS, will be easier for them to proceed for PR programmes with valid LMIA and job offer. This way they can settle in Canada easily and faster.”

The positions under hospitality industry are in Sasketchewan and Ontario provinces and construction positions are mainly in Ontario provinces.

What do CANCAREER clients say?

Nitesh Gautam, New York, USA (Mumbai)

“Hello, my name is Nitesh. I work in USA for Hyat. CANCAREER helped me with visa and my job and I will be moving to Canada very soon. It is very hard to believe in consultancies now a days , but thank you CANCAREER they helped me a lot with this process. There are many scams going on now a days but one of my friend recommended me this consultancy and I ended up proceeding with this consultancy for the process. Yea, thank you so much CANCAREER and I would recommend you guys to go with CANCAREER, this is great opportunity to move to Canada.”

Izel Lobo, Mangaluru

“I was already in talks with another agency for immigration, when I came across Cancareer. While every other agency promises you the best possibilities, Cancareer advised me on realistic outcomes. Their genuineness and commitment to reach my goals made my application process a breeze. The support they provided me during the waiting period was nothing short of incredible. To anyone who is determined to make the move, Cancareer will have your back.”

Jason D’Souza , Mangaluru

“I lost hopes to move to Canada but CANCAREER helped me to get job in Alberta, Canada as Restaurant Supervisor. My visa process is on and I would be moving to Canada soon. CANCAREER always encouraged me not to give up, when I decided not to proceed out of IELTS fear. But they encouraged me every week constantly not to lose hopes and because of this, I will begin my life soon in Canada.”

Why move to Canada?

Canada is a dream country to many people to settle in life and have better quality of life. It is a great country to be in, where life is secured, people are welcoming and most importantly wonderful country to settle as a family. Canada’s education is one of the top notch education systems in the world where students can avail their education until 12th for free. Moreover, people have free healthcare benefits. Canada has a healthcare plan which provides all residents with reasonable access to medical services, without paying out of pocket for healthcare services such as hospital visits or access to doctors. Canada is one of the safest countries to live in with low crime rate and ranked as the 6th most peaceful nation in the world as per the Global Index Peace of 2018.

Canada being the friendliest and welcoming country, it embraces multiculturalism and immigrants. In 2019 until October 2, Canada has invited 67,300 applicants to apply for PR through express entry alone.

The Best Pathways to Immigrate to Canada

1. Job offer with work permit or job offer with valid LMIA and proceed through PR
2. Student pathway
3. Permanent Residency through various programmes

1. LMIA Work Permit (Getting jobs)

The best way to start life in Canada is through getting a job in Canada. If one has a job offer with valid LMIA, easier to start life in Canada and settle through PR. Generally the available work permit opportunities at CANCAREER are granted for two years but these job offers with LMIA would help one to be entitled for various PR pathway programmes. The good news is there is no requirement to have IELTS to move to Canada through work permit. LMIA is Labour Market Impact Assessment. In simple language the employer has to get the approval from the Canadian Employment Social Development Authority to hire a foreigner.

If there is pre-approved LMIA, a person can move to Canada within 4-6 weeks through work permit. If not LMIA, in general takes about 4-5 months to proceed. Once clients are inside Canada, they are recommended to proceed through PR so that they have better chances to get PR and settle down. IELTS is needed during PR process but the requirements of the scores vary based on the occupations.

2. Student Visa

Other way of moving to Canada is through study pathway. It is one of the easiest ways to start life in Canada. By studying in Public Funded Colleges or Universities, one would be eligible to apply for Post Graduation Work Permit after the completion of course. Through PGWP, one can work in Canada for any employers of their choice without restrictions. If one studies for two years, they are eligible to get 3 years PGWP and if one chooses to study for one year, they get one year PGWP. PGWP is the best way you can gain Canadian experience and by having education in Canada and Canadian experience will qualify one for various PR programmes to proceed and settle in Canada.

As a student, one is eligible to work for 20 hours a week, where one can manage food and living expenses. However, as a part of the student visa requirement one has to prove that he/she has enough funds to study in Canada. Full-time undergraduate and postgraduate international students can work anywhere on and off campus for up to 20 hours per week without a work permit. On average, a part-time student would earn anywhere from $800-$1500 a month (e.g. 20 hours/week x $11/hour x 4 week = $880). After applying for a work permit, international students become eligible to work as a co-op student or an intern.

There are international study loan facilities are available in banks in India to helps one to proceed through this programme. Also there are many scholarship programmes too to reduce burden of the cost.

If the student is married, the spouse can move to Canada through work permit as he or she is eligible for open work permit during the entire course duration. This also helps the person to gain points in terms of Canadian experience class provided the role matches in that category. A good immigration consultant can always guide on this.

The demanding skills that one can focus on studying in Canada are in terms of settling down and earning good income after the completion of 12th are: Trade skilled categories like Carpentry, Automotive Technician, Culinary arts, Electricians, A/C Technicians, plumbers, Hair Stylist, nursing courses and many more. The pay scale for these jobs starts from CA$ 20 per hour except for Cooks. Minimum wage for Cooks is CA$ 15 per hour. Carpenters are paid almost CA$ 40 per hour. There is huge demand for many trade skills in Canada. To get into these courses, one has got to score minimum 6 in IELTS Academic after 12th and recommended age is below 25.

There is also high demand for other sectors like Health Sciences, Medicine, Nursing, Paramedic and Kinesiology, trade, Engineering & Technology, Sciences, Law, Politics, Social, Community Service and Teaching , Hospitality, Business Management etc. In CANCAREER, advisors guide clients on every step to help them choose the right courses as per their interest and assist them proceed successfully.

CANCAREER can help one find the courses which can start from CA$ 4000 (approximately Rs 2.5 lac) per year depending on the courses and institutions one chooses. Though the minimum IELTS scores are 6, if one has better scores, he or she has more options in choosing the courses and institutions. CANCAREER has tied up with 1,638 colleges and universities in Canada, US, Russia with the options of over 16,000 available courses with them. Moreover, they provide free student consultation service, along with scholarship benefits if the candidate meets the requirements.

In general, one can recover education cost in 6 to 12 months depending on the situation while working in Canada. Some times through scholarship programmes, the entire cost of the education works out for free for the candidate by the time they complete the course. Moreover in general, the bank loan covers tuition fee, flight ticket, living expenses and book or stationary cost and additional cost such as insurance, ancillary fee whatever is described by the institutions one is studying in.

For the courses that one is interested in, they can check in the website of CANCAREER where one can get an idea on the courses of their choice ar If at all one cannot find the desired courses, feel free to drop an email to [email protected] and they will be happy to assist.

3. Permanent Residency

For PR there are various programmes available like Express Entry, Provincial Nominee, Canadian Investor Programmes, family sponsorship, Atlantic Immigration Pilot, Caregivers, Start-up Visa and many more.

Express Entry is the popular programme where one can apply without the job offer. However, this programme is entirely designed based on points system. Here education, age, experience, English and French test scores play a major role. Having additional points on the other factors like education in Canada, Canadian Experience, Canadian Job Offer, and family tie ups in Canada helps one score more points. The more CRS scores one scores, they have better chances of getting invitation.

Since two years, it is quite challenging for an applicant to get the invitation by applying from outside Canada without the valid Canadian Job offer, or Canadian Experience or Canadian Education for the last 2 years unless the applicant is Master Degree Holder and IELTS scores are almost 8 overall.

If you look at the chart below since 2019, the lowest CRS scores who got the invitation are 438 and it stayed between the ranges of 450 to 470 until recently. There was one invitation sent for the scores of 332 under Federal Skilled Worker Category for 500 applicants in May 2019, but those applicants had the job offers under FSW programme.

Few examples of CRS system:

A person under the age of 27, has a Bachelor’s degree, with over three years of experience outside Canada, has scored 8 in IELTS (out of 9), his CRS points are 438. Since Jan 2019, he is in the pool and has never received the invitation, in such a case he can increase his chances by studying in Canada for 2 years. By the age of 29, he completes his studies in Canada and now his CRS scores raised to 486. So if the possibilities of invitations happen within the range of 450-470 he can get the invitation easily. Further, the competition has increased and he has to wait in Canada to get the invitation. Since he has PGWP , he decides to work in Canada for three years and apply for PR by the age of 32, in such case he scores 534 as CRS and his chances are higher as the points are higher to get the invitations.

If the same candidate did his 2 years Masters degree in India, and he is 29 years old when he applied for PR and scored 8 in IELTS, his CRS scores are 471 if Canada’s equivalency of his education of Master’s degree as PG Diploma. So in such a case he has chances to get the invitation. But the challenge here is with many applicants is to scoring 8 in IELTS. So the candidate has to prepare very well to reach the goal in scoring good scores. In another incident, with the similar qualification, age, and experience, but in IELTS if he scored 7, then his CRS would be 398. In this case the candidate can either follow the strategy of moving to Canada through student visa or get a job with valid LMIA. If he has job offer with valid LMIA, he can increase his points to 50 provided his skill comes under 0 category like for example Restaurant Manager. Also the job offer with valid LMIA could match the PNP programme based on provincial immigration rules.

A chef who is 28 years old, with experience of over three years, and he has scored 6 in IELTS, his CRS are 336. But if he gets a job offer with LMIA he gets 50 additional points. But because his skill is more demanding in Canada in most of the provinces, he can be qualified for Provincial Nominee Programme and he can apply for PNP. If he gets the PNP he gets another 600 points straight away and he is on top of the list to proceed for PR.

There are investor programmes encouraging investors to come and invest in Canada. Every province has designed their own programs to facilitate to meet their economic demand. Consulting a good licensed consultant or an Immigration Lawyers would help one to have the best option in his or her case to help them to move successfully.

Advise for PR Applicants who are in the pool

Do not wait for miracles to happen with the hope. If one has not received the invitation, consult a good consultant to get advice on how he or she can help themselves in increasing the chances of case to proceed. Time is very important in Immigration Point of view. Every year, one loses points and lower the chances in the case. If one is young, and CRS is low, move to Canada through student visa, study for a minimum of one year, gain Canadian experience and increase the chances. One could be eligible for various other programmes once one is inside Canada. A good consultant can always guide one to help to proceed. Instead of losing hope in his or her case, try to consult a professional who is a certified licensed consultant to seek help for him or her.

Other way to move to Canada is through work permit by getting a job offer. Get the job with valid LMIA and move in, gain experience. This way one can start life and apply for PR in Canada. There are few programmes in Canada which does not need a LMIA but a valid job offer which qualifies one to proceed through PR too. So when one has opportunities he or she should proceed. Keep trying for jobs with reliable recruitment companies. Of course there are many fake agencies who claim they offer jobs in Canada, Australia or UK, or in West, verify the details. Check if they have a Licensed Immigration Consultant affiliated or working with them. One is safe to proceed if there is Licensed Immigration Consultant working for the Immigration Consultancy. Always find the details before one proceeds through. Please be noted that one can verify the job offer and LMIA by calling the Canadian Consulate to know if the job offer is fake or genuine.

By having valid job offer or a valid job offer with LMIA is always an advantage for anyone in terms of gaining Canadian experience or qualifying for PNP programmes based on the provinces one will be working in.

Learning French or upgrading degree could help one to have better chances to proceed. For example, going through the process of Licensing in Canada also helps the candidates to have better chances to be eligible to get additional points or could help in gaining Provincial Nominee.


CANCAREER also work with Immigration Lawyers in Canada and they have a service where they can provide help through Lawyers too based on the request of the clients. CANCAREER is here to show the right pathway to help one proceed so that they can start life in Canada as soon as possible and live for better life with family.

CANCAREER has the provision to book half an hour consultation service with Immigration Licensed Consultant to discuss case and find solutions at any time. Once the consultation is booked, within 48 business hours, the client will receive a call from Immigration Consultant to discuss in detail related to the solutions on increasing the chances in his or her case. Feel free to drop an email to book the consultation at [email protected] and one can pay the fee for half an hour from where you are and the consultant will be at service.

For students who would like to move to Canada through study, can contact CANCAREER and they will provide a free consultation for the students to study in Canada. Moreover, the age limit to study in Canada is up to 35. CANCAREER needs candidates to complete the IELTS academic and they will help and guide them on every step of the process.


CANCAREER , Oberala Towers, First Floor KMC Mercara Trunk Road, Near Balmatta Circle, Balmatta, Mangaluru. (Landmark: Coffee Day building)

Phone: +91-76192 52820 (India WhatsApp), +1-734-707-0474 (USA) +1-734-239-1497 (USA WhatsApp)




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