Mainland mothers rally for permanent stay with children

Mainland mothers rally for permanent stay with children


A group of mainland mothers and their children protested outside the Immigration Tower today, calling on the government to allow them to settle in Hong Kong permanently, RTHK reports.

These mothers, whose children were born in Hong Kong, need permits to come to the city and they are required to travel back to the mainland every three months to review that permit.

Many of the protesters said they are widowed or divorced, and are the sole caretaker of their children. They explained that it is very difficult and stressful for them to regularly travel back and forth to the mainland.

Sze Lai-shan, a community organizer with the Society for Community Organisation (Soco), which is helping the women, said this situation negatively affects the families in a number of different ways.

She said some mothers are depressed and even had to seek medical help because of the stress.


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