Install new lights in 5 seconds without an electrician thanks to new product

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – While most people spent 2020 in
lockdown making sourdough and doing puzzles, Adam Cusick was quietly
revolutionising the lighting industry (and eating sourdough).


In the
eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Adam created
Snap Lighting – a ground-breaking innovation that
lets anyone change entire light fittings in just 5 seconds, safely, without
tools – something that usually takes a licenced electrician about half an hour
and costs hundreds.


It works by
first installing a special recessed socket that comes with your first purchase.
Once the socket is installed by an electrician or handyman (similar to
installing a downlight), then you are ready to instantly click in your choice
of light fitting any time you like.


Look around
at your lights. Wouldn’t it be great to update them in seconds?


The beauty
of the design is that almost any pendant from any retailer can be converted to
Snap Lighting. Using their ‘unlimited pendants’ service Snap Lighting can adapt
most pendants to work with the system. So, in a way, Snap Lighting has
Australia’s largest range of styles.


lights as fashion changes sounds amazing, but for some it’s about avoiding the
stress of choosing and committing to permanent hard-wired lights – once they’re
in, you’re stuck with them! But with Snap Lighting if you choose wrong simply
pop it out and exchange for a different one.


In fact,
that was the main reason Adam invented Snap Lighting in the first place-


renovating, we didn’t like some of our new light fittings, so we had to get an
electrician to change them, which was a huge hassle and more expensive than the
fittings! I knew there had to be a better way” inventor and founder Adam Cusick


ingenuity of the design has now been professionally recognised with Snap
Lighting being selected as a finalist in the Victorian Premier’s Design Awards.
Winners to be announced March 2021.


If you’re
building or renovating and in the market for new lights, Snap Lighting is the
smart choice. Available now at –


About Snap Lighting

Lighting was founded and developed in Melbourne, Australia by Adam Cusick. Its
primary purpose is to help people love their lighting while saving them time,
money and effort. Snap Lighting products are available now at






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Adam Cusick at [email protected]




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