Independent Scotland’s ‘immediate priority’ would be to join EU Single Market, says Alex Salmond

Independent Scotland's 'immediate priority' would be to join EU Single Market, says Alex Salmond


As the week draws to an end, the focus in Westminster remains firmly where it was at the start, thanks to a drip-drip of stories about undeclared second jobs and links to Greensill Capital. 

Matt Hancock – who admitted on Tuesday that he did meet with David Cameron and Lex Greensill for a drink – is under further pressure today over family connections to a firm that secured an NHS contract in 2019. But he acted “entirely properly” and Boris Johnson is standing by him, No 10 says.

The Prime Minister’s position towards his predecessor is less clear, however, and next week sees the start of the many public Commons-led inquiries with two Treasury officials giving evidence before MPs. Mr Cameron will likely follow, although it is not known exactly when.

When it comes to second jobs, our readers are clear: the majority thinks some change is needed, with 57 per cent saying there should be an outright ban on second jobs, while 28 per cent said limits of some sort are needed. Just 15 per cent said any restrictions risked driving away good candidates. 

Labour is making much of the ‘return of Tory sleaze’ – presumably a phrase that has worked well in focus groups. But a new poll puts Sir Keir Starmer at his lowest point yet, just weeks away from the local elections – which suggests he could be in for a fairly bruising result. 

But Scotland is where the most interesting battle ground is shaping up. Nicola Sturgeon might be hoping to secure a mandate for independence, but a renewed Scottish Labour is looking to land a few punches – and Alex Salmond is not holding back either.

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