Dow Jones plummets another 880 points – Soooo can we start panicking about the Wuhan virus yet or is that still racist?

Martyn Bradbury


Those Kiwisaver accounts are feeling bashed this morning aren’t they and they’re about to get another beat down, because after yesterdays 1000 point drop in the Dow Jones, the Dow Jones plummeted again today another 880 points.

The markets are now realising what a pandemic from a novel virus will actually do.

Soooooooooo can we start panicking about the wuhan virus now or is that still racist?

Remember back in the day (January) when da woke be screaming it wasn’t as bad as the flu & any criticism was xenophobia?

Oh the lolz.

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This isn’t a fucking Identity Politics issue you woke clowns, this has always been a public health emergency and economic meltdown moment, we didn’t need Chinese repression to hide this, we just needed virtue signalling woke activists to censor it.

As I pointed out yesterday, the virus compounds economies that were already faltering economically so this possible pandemic on top of that manufacturing contraction could be the Black Swan that we’ve all feared that triggers a full blown global recession.

China was always lying about the enormity of this novel virus and we must urgently move to protect ourselves now.

As TDB pointed out when this first emerged, Wuhan Virus ain’t nothin to fuck with.


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