Current immigration policies racially motivated

Current immigration policies racially motivated



I applaud Randy Feldman’s stand in support of all immigrants, but not surprised in Konstantina Lukes’ opposition, especially since she’s shown not to support immigrants, especially those coming from below our southern borders. You see, the majority of undocumented immigrants and green card holders in Massachusetts are white from Europe and Canada, but these immigrants are not suffering the racist injustice of today’s immigration policies that our present president has so aggressively pushed and that are racially motivated immigration policies.

While doing graduate studies at Boston University our program included doing working in the community with families and students. It was the year that Boston Public Schools had a policy that families enrolling their children in school must show proof of citizenship. I took a family to enroll their children – they came from Puerto Rico – and I noticed that none of the white families ahead of us were asked for proof of citizenship, but when it came our turn, she was very adamant in her demand that we show proof of citizenship. I said to her, “so, you didn’t ask any of the white families, but you are demanding this family who came from Puerto Rico and who are U.S. citizens before they left the island.”

Ruth Rodriguez Fay



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