BCC responds to UK-Canada continuity trade agreement

BCC responds to UK-Canada continuity trade agreement


November 21 2020

Commenting on the announcement that the UK and Canada have finalised a trade agreement to replace CETA – the existing deal it has through European Union membership BCC Director General Adam Marshall said:

Securing continued access to one of our top trading partners will be warmly welcomed by our business communities.

to see the UK and Canada continue to work toward an even deeper trading relationship, building on this agreement. They also urgently need continuity agreements with other key markets, includingTurkey and Singapore, to avoid a damaging cliff edge for both importers and rters, as well as those involved in wider supply chains.

“However, the single most critical trade agreement our business communities need is one with the European Union. . We urge government to redouble their efforts to secure this as soon as possible to give businesses the clarity they need.


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