Australia offers new temporary visa for parents


South Africans who have become Australian Citizens, Permanent Residents or New Zealand Citizens can now apply to bring their parents over for a  five year visit under the new Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa.

An official announcement made by the Australian Department of Home Affairs confirms the new temporary visa will be implemented later this month.

“On March 1 2019, Minister Coleman announced that applications to sponsor a parent for a Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa will be open from April 17 2019.”

The visa will give parents and their children (sponsors) a chance to reunite in Australia. In the statement from Australia’s Home Affairs, the country explains that there was a call from members of the public in Australia to implement the new visa.

“The visa responds to community concerns about the limited number of parent places in the migration programme and associated lengthy waiting periods.”

Both the sponsor and the sponsored parent must make separate applications for the temporary visa, with the sponsor’s application being considered before the parent is able to apply. Only once a sponsor’s application has been approved can the sponsored parent go ahead with their application.

“Visa applications must be lodged within six months of sponsorship approval and cannot be lodged until a sponsor has been approved.”

All applications can be done online through ImmiAccount.

Sponsorship requirements

1. Sponsor-and-parent relationship – the parent must be the biological, adoptive or step-parent of the sponsor. Step-parents can only apply if they are still married to or in a relationship with a biological parent of the sponsor.

2. Sponsors must be at least 18 years of age.

3. Sponsors must be an Australian citizen, permanent resident, eligible New Zealand citizen (who has been a resident in Australia for four years).

4. Sponsors must meet all prior sponsorship obligations.

5. Sponsors cannot be approved if they have debts to the Commonwealth or public health debts unless appropriate arrangements have been made for payment.

6. Sponsors must have no adverse information unless it is reasonable to disregard the information.

7. Sponsors must meet a minimum household income threshold.

8. Sponsors must provide police clearances for any country they have spent more than 12 months in during the past 10 years.

9. Sponsors must authorise information to be shared with the visa applicant.


The sponsorship application fee is $420 – approximately R4 230.

Sponsored Parent requirements

1. Must be sponsored by an individual who is at least 18 years of age.

2. Must be located outside of Australia.

3. Must not have engaged in payment for visas conduct.

4. Must provide evidence to access to funds.

5. Must provide evidence of health insurance.

6. Must not have any outstanding public health debts unless arrangements have been made to repay the debt.

7. Must pass the health, character, and national security requirements.

There is no “Balance of Family Test requirement” for applicants applying for the Sponsored Parent Temporary visa. This means that the visa applicant is not required to have more than half o their children living in Australia.

Only two parents are allowed to hold this visa per household.

The visa is valid of a maximum of 10 years only on the condition that the visa is a temporary visa and does not lead to permanent residence.

The cost of a visa application is:

1. $5 000 (an estimated R 50 373) for a visa lasting up to three years.

2.$10 000 (an estimated R100 747) for a visa lasting up to five years.

The fee is payable in two installments, with one payment made at the time of application and the second payment made prior to having the visa granted.

All costs represent a contribution to the cost of services parents will use in Australia.

“Most visa-holders will have never paid tax in Australia but will benefit from using existing infrastructure.”

Parents who hold temporary visas are subject to a “no work” rule while in the country.

Termination and validity 

The parent sponsorship will cease under the following conditions:

– If the sponsor’s permanent visa is cancelled

– If the sponsor dies

– If the sponsor withdraws their sponsorship

– If the sponsored parent does not apply for Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa within six months of the sponsor’s sponsorship application being approved.

More information about the visa application and details can be found here.


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