AANA, IAB and MFA chiefs detail first cross-industry digital advertising practices

AANA, IAB and MFA chiefs detail first cross-industry digital advertising practices


The AANA, IAB and MFA are positioning their first joint, cross-industry digital advertising practices as a way to restore trust and drive up credibility across the ecosystem of supplier, advertisers, publishers and technology providers.

The trio of associations have joined forces on what is being positioned as a first in collaborative working aimed at improving knowledge around the digital advertising supply chain.

The Australian Digital Advertising Practices were developed via a working team including advertisers, media agencies and publishers, along with subject matter experts, and underwent industry consultation for months before being released this week.

Five key areas are covered in the first instance: Digital transparency, viewability, brand safety, ad fraud and data transparency. Underlying the practices are five principles: Championing the customer experience; educate to inspire change; shared ownership and responsibility; every value chain is unique; and fair value for outcomes delivered.

The ambition with the practices, which attempt to position issues in straightforward language and include checklists as well as links to specialist sources, is to provide a practical guide the industry can use to improve digital advertising engagement and ultimately, rebuild trust across the ecosystem.

For example, the digital transparency checklist includes pointers such as understanding the technology currently in place, the value of the digital set-up, examining media buying objectives, weighing up the pros and cons of programmatic advertising, and choosing metrics to track outcomes.


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