2018 Hangzhou International Qipao Day Ready to Set Sail


HANGZHOU, China, Sept. 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Hangzhou Tourism Committee held the first “Hangzhou International Qipao Day” (“Qipao Day”) in 2017, which highlighted the combination of silk, Qipao culture and Hangzhou landscape. The Committee held the “Qipao Day” once again in 2018, aimed to create a classic case that integrated Hangzhou’s culture and tourism resources, so as to further spread its tourism culture and enhance its popularity in global tourism.

This February, Hangzhou invited the designers from all over the world to design a “Hangzhou Qipao”, and received 15 designs from 12 countries and regions. Finally, the most representative one was selected. The offline campaigns for this “Qipao Day” will be held in four places including Los Angeles, Sydney, Australia, West Lake and China National Silk Museum in Hangzhou. A series of interactive activities will be held to encourage participation.

The deep integration of culture and tourism features the “Qipao Day” this year. A new city card of Hangzhou will be made through the perfect combination of silk, Qipao culture and Hangzhou history, which are going to be illustrated by a chain of activities designed for the “Qipao Day”. The American and Australian public will be invited to join the activities with Hangzhou. The activities will show Hangzhou to the world, and the overseas people will experience Hangzhou culture at a closer distance. Additionally, the activities, designed for young people, will help a younger audience to learn about Qipao culture and the history and culture of Hangzhou, and, to a further extent, become “Folk Qipao Ambassadors of Hangzhou“.

In the aspect of marketing, the old mode will be changed. The news media and emerging media platforms, which adopts video marketing as the core, will be used for the marketing campaign. The potential Hangzhou audience will be influenced by a series of marketing means, including the posts on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, the original Qipao dances by Chinese Tik Tok KOLs, the topic marketing on WeChat and Weibo, and WeChat Moment advertisements. It is estimated that the impression on domestic and overseas media for “Qipao Day” will be no less than 60 million.

For 2018 Hangzhou International Qipao Day, the silk culture will be employed as a carrier for the embodiment of the live display and creative passing on of the culture, so as to build a new mode in cultural experience tourism of China. Hangzhou Tourism Committee will be more positive in providing participation opportunity and new experience for domestic and foreign tourists and in exploring the new road to develop Hangzhou cultural tourism in the future.

SOURCE Hangzhou Tourism Committee


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