The Gilmer Mirror – Why Are You Still Here

The Gilmer Mirror - Why Are You Still Here


I read an article recently which stated that 16% of Americans told a pollster that they want to move to another country.  If so, I’d like to ask them: “Why Are You Still Here?”  No, I am not kidding.

I envision a caravan starting in Seattle, heading south to Portland, then down to San Francisco, snaking its way down the west coast through Los Angeles, and gathering Americans who wish to leave and move to another country.  It could cross over the border into Mexico and its members could look to immigrate and become citizens of Mexico, or Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, or Panama.  For those who want to move further south, there’s Columbia, Venezuela, and Ecuador. 

This imaginary caravan of disaffected Americans would be called the “You Can Take My Place” program.   This “plan” would enable 50,000,000 Americans who do not want to live here to find a new home in the countries to the south of us.  For each American who leaves, an immigrant from one of the other countries in the world can apply for a work visa and citizenship in America.  The American who wants to leave can give up their place in these United States to a replacement who is acceptable to America.  This means the replacement has to be identified, vetted, and a legitimate job seeker who is moving here not just to work, but to become a citizen and do all the things we expect citizens to do, chief among them swear and maintain loyalty to this country.

If you can’t be loyal to this country and its citizens, you can’t immigrate here.  

Some Americans may grumble that they want to go to Canada.  In that case, apply for citizenship there.  If Canadians will accept you, then pack your warm clothes and head to the Great White North.  It is a country which welcomes immigrants from all over the world, and its dominant political views are more likely to match yours than those which are prevalent in the United States of America.  

Of course, the replacement Americans that are coming from other countries must be vetted and approved by America.  We want people who want to be Americans to move here.  If they do not plan to swear allegiance to the flag and to the Republic for which it stands, they can stay wherever they’re living now.  This is our country, and we are not looking for people who are going to be more loyal to the country from which they come.  

The jobs here are for Americans.  The government services here are for Americans.  The right to vote here is for Americans.  If you’re willing to leave your country and become a part of this one AND you can find one of these Americans who want to leave the USA, tag in as they tag out.  But if you’re not willing to do that, stay wherever you’re from.

I’m not being mean, but I am being logical.  Those who don’t want to live here should leave, and those do want to live here should accept our requirements and do it legitimately.

Copyright 2020, Jim “Pappy” Moore, all rights reserved.


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